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VeduPro is a global IT consulting and services firm founded based in IT hub of world India. We have worked with major companies across Canada, Kenya and India. Our services ranges from onsite consulting services to setting up dedicated offshore development or back office IT support centre. Vedupro has many years of experience in e-learning domain. Vedupro brings open source e-learning solutions to many sectors like education, corporate, institutional and non-profit. Our expertise in custom E-learning software and solutions domain help you to cut costs, create and deploy solutions that engage learners and enhance learning through seamless integration with your existing system.

Mission: We Endeavour to enable each student of India to reap the benefits of online education. It’s a mission that is going to touch each and every Indian student even from the remotest part of the country.
Vision: Vedupro envisages itself as a path breaker in online education. Empowered by innovative ideas, we will emerge as a trendsetter.

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