Q1. Do we require the internet to play the video?

Ans. Internet connection is not required to play the videos. However, you need to register with the site to get the license file needed to activate DVD.


Q2. Which language is used in Vedupro Videos?

Ans. Vedupro Videos are prepared keeping UPTU students in mind. So the language used in videos is a combination of both Hindi and English.


Q3. Do we need to buy DVDs separately for each subject?

Ans. No, DVD covers six subjects of BTech 1st year.


Q4. What is the license duration for DVD?

Ans. License is valid for six months. After six months the license will expire. However, the license can be renewed.


Q5. What are Package Code, DVD Code and Serial Key?

Ans. Package code refers to package prepared for the UPTU BTech 1st Year (ex. 3-2-3-7-7).

Package code is written on the DVD.


DVD Code refers to the serial no. of DVD (ex. 4hkNr-ADNsH-sTnED).

DVD code is written on the DVD.


User Key refers to the user’s Computer ID (ex. DF23-5430-ABE9-BF8C-F898-8F52-B380-B573-3D4F-7C9F-9419-F2F6-8453-D9E0-9966-148C).

User key can be obtained by installing the DVD on your system.

After installing the DVD, follow the path : Start -> All Programs -> Armjisoft -> Flash OwnerGuard License Manager -> Flash OwnerGuard License Manager

There you will get the your Computer ID which refers to your User Key.


Q6. Are Vedupro Books and DVDs available at nearby book shops?

Ans. Yes, Vedupro Books and DVDs are available at many book shops. In case you don’t find it in your nearby book shop, you can call on our support or send us the mail.


Q7. Which University students the Vedupro courses are prepared for?

Ans. The Vedupro courses are created according to the syllabus of UPTU. However, the students from other universities like PTU etc. can refer to these courses.

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