Personal Interview


Personal Interview


Personal interview is an in person interaction where the interviewee is made to sit in front of recruiters to confirm the profundity and precision of his or her wisdom.  The recruiters make sure that the deserving candidates fill up the post and for that the aspirants need to have goal transparency, domain awareness and good communication skills.



First of all whenever you attend an interview the foremost thing expected out of you is your knowledge in different fields.


  •  General awareness, especially current affairs Read newspapers, surf the internet and stay acquainted with the current and recent happenings of the past.


  •  Thorough knowledge of your subjects.


  •  Knowledge of the field you are willing to work in.


  •  Familiarity with the organization and its history.


  •  Awareness about the post you would be applying for.


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In an interview the aspirant is expected to exhibit his or her knowledge, expertise, skills and personality, so that it becomes easy for the recruiters to fit the aspirants in the right post with the detailed idea.


The work environment is jam-packed with obstacles like immense competition, surplus talent along with low job opportunities. The next step while preparing for an interview is self-assessment. Improve yourself in each and every field, polish your skills and knowledge so that recruiting you becomes the need of the employer.


Best way to learn about the job is by meeting the people working in same field or search the articles posted on internet related to that field.   Explore the basic requirements of the profession and make yourself worthy of the position.



Basic qualities that you must possess are:


   Good Intellect

   Keenness to learn

   Dedication to work

   Motivational attitude

   Good communication skills

   Leadership qualities

   Problem solver

   Willpower to work hard

   Innovative, creative and self sufficient

   Ability to fit in the work environment

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Curriculum Vitae


The other most important thing you should be well prepared of is your CV. Be careful while composing your CV and follow a proper format. Fill up the authentic information and be well-versed with the details as you may face questions based on your CV. For building your CV Check Our Blog: Vedupro Tips 


Next step is to work out on a few general questions that might be asked during an interview. Come out with spontaneous answers there.  


  • Introduction- Your introduction will include the brief details of your family, hometown, qualifications, work experience (If any), aim and hobbies. 


  • Key Skills- The expertise you possess and how they would prove beneficial for the organization.


  • Strengths and weakness- Be clear about your strengths and weaknesses as you might face counter questions.


  • Instances of you leadership qualities- When you showed leadership and left a remarkable influence on others.


  • Aim- You should be clear about your short-term and long-term goals.


  • Choosing the field- Why did you choose this specific field and what were the opportunities you were expecting after joining it.


Beside these points, boost up your confidence and keep your nervousness aside as facing an interview would be a significant opportunity that would  confirm a booming step for you to achieve your aspirations.



Do’s and Don’t’s to be kept in mind while facing an interview:


•   Arrive 15 minutes before the given time


•   Be careful of your body language.  Do not look gloomy or stiff instead ease-up.


•   Take permission before entering the room and settle only when asked.


•   Remember eye contact and a little smile is must while responding to the interviewers.


•   Stay calm and confident.


•   Concentrate on the questions and not the tone with which it is being asked.


•   If you haven’t understood the question confirm again. It is better to confirm rather than respond incorrectly.


•   Ask a few questions regarding your position requirement or details, method of performance evaluation and prospects of development and growth in the organization.


•   Once the recruiters are done with the interview mention your gratitude for sparing the time and giving you the opportunity and say thank you.


•   Also inquire about the next step in process if they have not talked about it.


Following these simple steps can help you face an interview in a calm and successful manner. 

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