E-books are the electronic edition of the conventional books available in print. In this digital world, e-book system has become very popular and with the introduction of such books individuals can access through net and read the content available online on their personal computer, laptops, e-book readers and even through smartphones. VeduPro’s e-book section will avail you with the proficient editions that you have been seeking for.


•    The Java™ Language Specification

•    The Java™ Language Specification (2nd Edition) 

•    The Java™ Language Specification (3rd Edition) 

   Data Acquisition

•    Builder’s Foundation Handbook

•    DOE Fundamentals Handbook (Electrical Science) Volume 1

•    DOE Fundamentals Handbook (Electrical Science) Volume 2

•    DOE Fundamentals Handbook (Electrical Science) Volume 3

•    DOE Fundamentals Handbook (Electrical Science) Volume 4

•    Electric Circuit Volume I

•    Lessons in Electricity Volume II AC

•    Engineering Symbology, Prints and Drawings Volume 1

•    Engineering Symbology, Prints and Drawings Volume 2

•    Electrical Safety Handbook  

•    Programmable Automation Controllers Understanding

•    Integration and Automation of Manufacturing Systems

•    Terminology and Symbols in Control Engineering

•    More About Control Systems

•    Process Control Fundamentals



Books Available Online 


•    Computer Networks

•    Data Structures

•    Data Warehouse Toolkit

•    Effective C++

•    Fundamentals of Software Engineering

•    HTML 5

•    Introduction to Design and Analysis of Algorithms

•    Modern Operating System

•    Operating System Principles

•    The Art of Computer Programming






Novel reading is a hobby which keeps your mind healthy and sound from the haphazard life. Paulo Coelho, Salman Rushdie, Chinua Achebe, Margret Atwood, Andrew Miller, Robert Ludlum and many more such writers from different genres have written masterpieces. VeduPro will help you in finding out some amazing novels online which you would find worth reading. 



•     A Good Man

•     Among the Sons of Seth

•    Fathers by David Daniel

•    Prophet

•    The Unlikely Association of Meg and Harry

•    A Walk to Remember

•    Aleph

•    And Then There Were None

•    Great Expectations

•    Midnight’s Children

•    One Day

•    P.S. I Love You

•    Play: Birthday Party

•    Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography 

•    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

•    The Best of Me

•    The Complete Sherlock Homes

•    The Confession

•    The Fountainhead

•    The God of Small Things

•    The House of Silk: New Sherlock Homes Novel

•    The Kite Runner

•    The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

•    The Lost Symbol

•    The Namesake

•    The Shadow Lines

•    Revolution 2020

•    My Story


Short Stories


Short stories are enjoyed by everyone as they carry some moral directive. Moreover, individuals who find it difficult to read lengthy novels are more interested in reading short stories, conveying significant meaning. VeduPro will provide you with such very interesting short stories that have enliven the writing race.


•    Like The Flowing River: Thoughts and Reflections

•    Madhushala

•    Malgudi Days

•    Night Shift

•    Swami and Friends

•    The Best of Ruskin Bond: Delhi Is Not Far

•    The complete Adventures of Fleuda

•    The New Collected Short Stories: Jeffrey Archer

•    The Stranger





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