Personality Dev.


Personality Development


You cannot completely rely on others for success and power, it is you who has the utmost ability of turning yourself into a tractable and successful person. If to talk about personality it includes your character or persona, your behaviour, your qualities and your elegance. In short it is ‘YOU as an individual’ and building a strong personality is extremely essential in this robust world.


Personality development is not a onetime but an enduring process, as the person has to keep changing and adapting to the situation and scenario. This change is for your own good, to enhance, to develop and to amend yourself according to the environment. Your personality is judged keeping in mind your capability and philosophy so, to maintain or to develop your personality you have to take care of physical, psychological and social facets.


To stay acquainted with success, build up your character, as a good character will always be praised and will fetch you good fortune.


Steps to be taken in consideration while taking care of your personality:


•   The most significant issue is to have faith in oneself. Never demoralize yourself due to criticism. In fact take it as a challenge and analyze yourself, if you think your act is right in terms of morality then carry on with it. But if you have any doubt about yourself just give it a deep thought and try to transform. Respect and think good about yourself as this approach will make you more confidant.Optimistic approach is very significant to lead a successful life. So stay positive in all circumstances, remember pessimism results in failure and it is an optimistic approach that will lead you to the ladder of success.


•   Change is a very common aspect of nature and changes are bound to happen. Remember in early times work was done manually and now we have been enslaved by machines. So adapt yourself according to the change i.e. lead a life according to the pace of the world.


•  Be creative in your thoughts and ideas. Just don’t follow the world by closed eyes, instead contribute in this changing environment. Remain focused and attentive to reach the greater heights and your creative work will be a windfall for you. Also, remember that doing something innovative will bestow you with new opportunities and enhanced standards.


•   Analyze your limitations and learn from your mistakes. Transforming your limitations into success is entirely in your own hands. Work hard against your limitations and surely you will overcome them. But be cautious and avoid repeating your mistakes otherwise you will not learn.


•   Do not be burdened by any sense of guilt or anxiety. Life has never been simple for each person and downfall, failure, up rise, success are all trapped in a vicious circle, each of these keep exchanging their places from time to time.


•   Have clear goals, as recognizing your aspirations will ease up your path of success.


•   Keep away from the feelings of anger, pride, sloth, lust, envy, ego, lies, deception, betrayal, manipulation, gluttony and greed. Devoid of these null and void stances you will be a better individual and citizen.


•   Overcome your fear and phobias, as once you conquer your limitations you will flourish well in life.


•   Maintain your values and never leave them as they are your strengths. Also, be moralistic in your approach while dealing with others. Make sure that even your work is coherent on the values on which it is premised.


•   Communication is a very important aspect of personality development. Therefore, be clear and confidant in your speech as a person is     judged by his language, gentle words are always appreciated.


•   Taking risk will pilot you to better opportunities. As T.S Eliot has said “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go”.


•   Learning is a continuous process and has no end so desire to learn something new at every step of life would result in intellectual and overall growth.


•   The avenue of heading towards a satisfied life has to overcome the hurdles and for that firm determination towards your goal is indispensable.


•   Ingenuousness is essential as it incorporates features like openness, honesty, sincerity and simplicity.


•   Never delay your plans or else you will never complete them. As Saint kabir has said,


                        “Tomorrows work do today, today’s work now

                       If the moment is lost, the work will be done how?”



These are the important considerations to be kept in mind. Remember that you too could be a person whom others would like to follow and this could only be possible due to your firm determination, dedication and hard work.


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