Group Discussion


Group Discussions


Group Discussion (GD) is a coherent practice where aspirants are made to sit together to check out their intellectual, communication and interpersonal skills to find out the most worthy candidature for desired post. In the contemporary times many professional institutes and companies prefer GD’s as a vital part while picking up the adept candidates.


Students face problem while attending such activities as GD’s have not been inculcated in the education system and many of the students feel uncomfortable while speaking in a group. Speaking in GD is not at all a difficult task but many of the aspirants consider it as a big dilemma and undergo anxiety problems before appearing for this activity, which affects their performance. Even though the candidates have ideas in mind they cannot compete with the ones who are outspoken. We will aware you with some of the basic entities to be considered while preparing for GD’s.


Topic announced in group discussions can be a debatable issue or a non-debatable statement. A debatable issue is one which has a controversial identity and the aspirants can be for or against the statement. Sometimes some topics have a neutral point of view and some statements are clear which do not possess any contrast.



The aspects that recruiters analyze while deciding on a candidate in a group discussion are:


•   Communication Skills- An aspirant should be clear while speaking and be able to convey information. It is not necessary that one should give out all the points in a one go but the aspirant should be able to convey the point to the recruiters and fellow aspirants.


•   Deviating Ideas- A new point from you will give you an edge over others.


•   Analytical Skills- Ability to comprehend and articulate the concepts and to bring the ideas out in appropriate language.


•   Interpersonal Skills- Ability to take down the ideas from others and to exhibit the cooperation level.


•   Patience Level-  Acceptance of others ideas and thoughts and ability to face opposition.


•   Leadership Qualities- To be able to gain support of others over your own ideas.



An aspirant appearing for a GD should be well-versed with some general topics:


•    Current affairs

•    Indian Economy

•    Impact of Technology 

•    Taxation

•    Per Capita Income, Stock Market, Bonds, Investment, Currencies & Foreign Exchange Rate

•    Globalization 

•    Role of Media

•    Advertisements

•    Social Issues : Discrimination Capital Punishment  Corporal Punishment 

•    Role of MNCs

•    Brain Drain

•    Indian Education Sytem 

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