Vedu Virtual Lab

It’s an online lab for the engineering students where any experiment can be conducted at any time at any place for unlimited time without any cost of equipment. The virtual tools create a realistic lab that is enriched with all tools. Advancement in technology has prompted us to offer Virtual Laboratory, which efficiently allows students to comprehend and complete engineering and science laboratory projects on a computer. Students can do all laboratory experiments in a realistic way. A virtual laboratory also offers remote computer access to advanced laboratory instruments, which lets students to carry out authentic experiments at time and location of their choice. Virtual Laboratory technology had made laboratory education extremely flexible, and has been introducing students to the new standards of remote experimentation.


Salient Features:

  1. • An ideal alternative to costly equipment and resources
  2. • Provides remote-access to Labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering
  3. • Provides a complete Learning Management System around the Online Labs
  4. • No time constraint. The experiments can be done again and again
  5. • Makes a student familiar with all equipments
  6. • Safe to conduct any experiment
  7. • Video demonstration
  8. • Self Evaluation

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