Vedu Assessments

We enable you to assess yourself so that you can judge where you stand in this era of competition. Our online assessment products for students allow students to efficiently assess their strengths as well as weaknesses. Some students have mastery over some topics, but in others they lag behind. But, many of them normally remain unaware of the reality and thus they hit the wall in their careers. Our proven methodologies empower you to be perfect by bridging the gaps.


Our modules assist students in administering online assessments, online testing as well as online quiz. Students can easily take online assessments with only a few mouse clicks. Continuing assessments not only help students check their weak points but also save their precious time. Students can review and analyze their assessments afterwards as all answers are scored and saved automatically. Students can also compare themselves.


Salient Features:

  1. • Assess yourself in any topic in any discipline of engineering
  2. • Take quizzes to test your knowledge
  3. • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  4. • Facilitates anytime anywhere assessment
  5. • Get experts guidance to enhance your proficiency
  6. • User friendly
  7. • No time constraint

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